MSRC Mordialloc Social Running Club Logo

MSRC is a local community running club, supporting runners of all abilities to meet their running goals. We offer a relaxed environment, a regular weekly running schedule, coaching and social events.  At MSRC, we have a laugh, we make friends, we encourage each other, we learn about running and we help each other improve. We give tips and advice, we hold seminars on running, we come together to tackle running events and we have social nights to celebrate our successes!

In our short year history, MSRC has had members complete their first marathon, half marathon and other distances, and pretty much everyone has improved their running, went further, achieved personal best times and enjoyed the community spirit that is MSRC.

Why run with MSRC?

Running with MSRC along the Mordialloc Beach

We all understand that it can be daunting fronting up to a running group or you may not feel you are able to run 5km, or you might think you are too slow. These are all common feelings. But fear not, MSRC is here to help. Our friendly run group leaders are there to welcome and support you, and our aim is to provide an environment that motivates you to become a happy confident runner over time. We tailor our sessions based on who is there on the day…and given the great variety of runners who run with MSRC, there’s always someone you can run (and chat) with, no matter what pace you run.  And having a go is the first step…as the saying goes…no one ever became a runner by sitting on the couch thinking about it.